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The purpose of branding is the creation of a clear brand identity for your medical company and the delivery of a clear brand message. Somehow in the Middle East we are facing with the fact that branding is all about logotype design and marketing collateral (business cards, leaflets design, etc.). However, branding services made by Katra Marketing agency for healthcare industry are deeper than just work of a graphic designer. Our branding includes detailed market research, product/service positioning, and a system of visual and verbal identification (trademark, corporate identity, packaging), as well as the future use of corporate identity within the company and online positioning reflecting the idea of ​​your brand.

Usually a set of documents includes brand book and brand guideline.


Brandbook is a description of the main elements of the brand identity and attributes (essence, position, mission, philosophy, values, personality). The purpose of this document is to systematize all the ideological elements of the brand, creating a comprehensive picture formed brand, as well as detailed guidance on its use in order to create a holistic perception of the brand by consumers. Brandbook also describes the channels and methods to reach desired target audiences, as well as ways to use the brand in a variety of communications, including online channels.

Brand Guideline

Brand guideline (also named as brand manual or brand style guide) is a unified set of rules which describes the basic principles of good usage of the brand visual identity. This document allows you to follow the correct use of the brand, to regulate the size of the logo, corporate colors, fonts, and other elements that are altogether meant as a corporate identity.

As a rule, the brand guideline includes a set of rules that describe valid and invalid use of the constants brand:

  • The brand name;
  • Logo and the block spaces;
  • Schemes of brand name and logo design;
  • Corporate colors and fonts;
  • Corporate logo positioning;
  • Examples of the company logotype on business documents and promotional materials.

Why Do Medical Companies Need Branding?

We would not say that branding is for everyone. It's not a one-time action, and requires not only a solid financial investment from the company, yet the everyday readiness to work for your "face" and make your hard work and communicacion activities associated with your brand. However, for any pharmaceutical company, genetic laboratory or medical equipment manufacturers it's really important to work about their brand, according to the certain brand strategy created by marketing professionals in Jordan.

What Doctors Can Get From Branding?

If you are a doctor who runs a clinic in UAE or Jordan, our team of marketers is ready to work with you regarding your personal branding. It will be more reasonable and definitely more cost-saving than building a brand for your small local clinic. We will work with you as a professional, designing attractive marketing collateral (business cards, leaflets, brochures), aligned with your working attitude and personal image. It's a great process and the prices are more cost effective in comparison with company branding. To know the prices for medical branding, simply write us an e-mail.

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Basic Branding Steps

  • Market Analysis

    Our marketing strategist will explore the current status of the brand, if it is already set, or the possibilities of your market penetrating as a new brand. Competitive research, market research - this step will help to make wise and effective business decisions.

  • Target Audience Definition

    The concept of buying personas will be developed for your future brand, including such important parameters as educational background, personal goals and challenges, craft messages and editorial tone to each persona, etc.

  • Planning

    We will come up with a precise formulation of the essence of brand positioning, and create a brand management strategy for your future needs.

  • Building a Brand

    Next step: the creation of visual and verbal identification systems, the brand image development, brand documents design. That's what they usually call "branding services" only, so you can see how much we are deeper and serious in comparison with the local competitors.

  • Brand Documents Creation

    The final stage of the brand development is to create a full set of documents, which brings together all the verbal and visual elements of the brand, regulates the further work with them, facilitates the implementation of its verbal and visual standards in the daily activities of the company, as well as an understanding of the philosophy, values and essence of the brand in the first place by the company employees.

  • Brand Promotion

    Development of the future usage of integrated marketing communications to create a strong relationship between consumers and the brand.