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Our digital marketing agency offers marketing services for medical companies throughout the Middle East, mostly working with clinics in Jordan and UAE.
We offer online advertising and medical marketing services, including internet marketing services, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Facebook advertising for local doctors.

New business ideas, strategic marketing and online promotion are the essential elements of every business. You can start working with us by writing an email about your current situation, and we will help your clinic attract more patients and position your work in a professional way.

If you need addititional information about our agency in Jordan, you can check our internet marketing services at Katra Marketing main website. You may also check our marketing concept in web development for local companies here. And if you think your employees need additional knowledge in internet marketing, we offer customized marketing courses in Amman, for various industries, including healthcare.

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We are ready to work with

  • Dental Clinics in Dubai and Amman

    For local orthodontists and dentists, running private dental offices, to attract more clients via online presence.

  • Surgery Clinics

    Our agency in Amman offers modern websites for plastic surgery doctors and laser eye doctors in UAE and Jordan, using specialized content and optimizing sites for search engines from the start.

  • Medical Centers and Clinics

    For general practitioners and specialized doctors, to increase website traffic and overall profitability.

  • Hospitals Advertising

    We eagerly work with hospitals in the Middle East, regarding health tourism advertising in the internet and revising marketing strategies for your market penetration.

  • Local Laboratories

    Microbiological and genetic laboratories offering a range of tests for their patients in UAE and Jordan, can be more profitable with our SEO service.

  • Healthcare Products Manufacturers

    Both pharmaceutical companies and medical device development businesses, can get results of online awareness and solid lead generation, while working with us.

  • Cosmetology Centers

    We work for marketing results with cosmetology centers in Dubai, mostly using Facebook campaigns and improving websites, using content marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

  • Other Medical-oriented Companies

    No matter what the nature of your medical business is, our digital marketing agency is ready to help you. Outsmart your competitors with our internet marketing services. Local and international SEO, marketing plans and website development will significantly push your company to the targeted market.